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Want to learn some new techniques to add to your routine? Try new colors? Learn how to apply lashes or contour? Maybe you're a makeup artist looking to learn some new tips and techniques. Well, look no further! Beauty of a Goddess now offers lessons and personal instruction for all your makeup needs. Sure, Youtube tutorials are great, but how do you apply it on your own unique face? Are you using the right products or tones? From personal shopping to in-person or zoom lessons, we can create the perfect beauty routine for you and teach you the skills you need to achieve a professional quality look all on your own. 

Building The Perfect Routine 

Personal Shopping

Ever wish you had a makeup pro next to you while browsing stores like Sephora or Ulta? Or maybe you just wish you could have someone purchase all the products you need for you. Well the power is in your hand! We offer endless possibilities to create the perfect makeup kit for you. 

Just for starters

When you enter the makeup world for the first time it can be overwhelming and intimidating, but have no fear! We can tailor the perfect routine for you and be there to help guide you the whole way from A to Z. Not local for an in-person lesson? No problem! We now offer zoom lessons to fit your schedule. 

Level Up

If you're a budding makeup artist looking to hone your skills or even just looking to create a difficult look, we can help! We offer personalized coaching and both in-person or zoom lessons made to fit your specific needs. 

Getting Started

It's easier than you think! Just reach out to us to schedule your FREE phone consultation. 

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